by Lorenzo Piccoli

This is a picture I took from the airport of Calgary on my way back to Europe after about 140 intense days in Canada. It is a poor picture: it won’t say anything to you. But it means a lot to me.

I’ve never been to Calgary. They say it’s an ugly city. Thomas once told me it is probably one of the ugliest cities of West Canada. He must be right, I thought, since he studied there for quite a while. Andrew comes from Calgary, now that I think about it. You wouldn’t think so. Andrew is such a cool dude, he’s not ugly at all. He is in Hong Kong right now, probably loose drunk in some casually dangerous clubs. At least, that’s how I imagine good old Andrew right now.

Calgary, to me, is a bit of a sad memory. Its skyscraper at the horizon is the last image I got from BC. I miss you, Calgary. We never got a chance, but it would have been cool to be there once. Maybe with Thomas, Andrew, Aaron, and the rest of the crew: Wee, Zi-Jen, James, and the other occasional harassers. There should be a picture of us somewhere. Saman must have one: he used to have so many pictures.

Calgary, how much fun we would have had. You may be ugly, Calgary, but we were definitely not. Where are we now, by the way? So weird to think that Thomas and Aaron are the only ones who are back to Canada. The others are spread over five different continents. I never thought about it before. We always missed someone from Latin America. We should have got a random Mexican in our crew. Wee had sort of a call in that direction, but I think that doesn’t count. Not that it makes too much sense but, after all, should it? I feel inspired tonight. I’ve never been to Calgary.