Good time for a change (Please, please, please let me get what I want)

by Lorenzo Piccoli

News from the last 2 months:

I ended my collaboration with the Comune of Trento, Economic Development, Studies and Statistics Service, so I am back to be a student…but, wait, I graduated on March the 23rd, so technically I am not a student anymore.

Although some people would call me unemployed, I prefer to define myself as a young and bright graduate who enjoys spring and his gap year. In fact, I haven’t decided what I want to do out of my life, yet. One the one hand, I was offered a place for a Phd from two British universities, but I’d need to find a scholarship for that. On the other hand, I may start working immediately rather than continuing with my research. Given the choice, I don’t feel the need to rush right now: my resumé is pretty solid already and I have been fairly quick with respect to Italian standards, so now I will take some time for myself. That’s essentially why this blog can get back to life.