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You’ll regret it

Ryanair’s ads are becoming more and more threatening. To get a ticket, you have to slalom between a jungle of yes/no/yes/no thanks/no really/yes i am sure/i said no. New forms of psychological terrorism are delightful – probably a new fronteer in international flights. These ads are like: falling ill on the plane is not nice (and not cheap, either); or: the plans happen to crash, dude, and that would be awful. The underlying message is: you fly with us and don’t pay the extra money? Well, well, you’ll take the risk.

Yeah, well, I will take the risk.

A grand design for Europe

People say the solution to the European crisis lies in more Europe, not less. Perhaps. But even so, what kind of Europe are we talking about?

There is a point, that of the need for a grand vision for Europe [link – in Italian], that I find appealing. The discussion, however, needs to evolve hugely. If we are to project a grand plan for Europe we will have to decide whether we want an economic Europe (as it has been so far), a social Europe (as many people hoped at the beginning of the 2000s), a military and externally projected Europe (as we failed to construct during the Balkan crisis and, more recently, during the African uprising).

Talking about grand designs is generally considered nonsense; but in this specific case there is no future for short-term rescue plans if we do not lay the foundations first.