Alternative sports

by Lorenzo Piccoli

An intense weekend for sports.

Saturday, on Alice’s advice, I went to Brentonico (BrenTonic, like GinTonic) for the Italian championship of Cheese Rolling. That is serious stuff (“Non ha ancora vinto, per carità, dobbiamo vedere il fotofinish, dobbiamo vedere le nostre telecamere, dobbiamo vedere tutti i nostri minchia di gingilli tecnologici, però…”). All those who did not even want to come are just loosers.I did not participate, but I will be there for the 2013 editions.

As a matter of fact, I began my training already. On Sunday I went to the Squash Volleyball tournament in San Donà. Credits to David for the organization. We lost all our four matches, but 1. We were good, though, surely handsome to watch.