Readers (of this magnificent blog)

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Looking at the stats from the blog I get an accurate glimpse on my readers. They are not too few, surely more than I expected: on the average, about 40 a day.

When I began posting I did not exactly know to whom address my posts: either to my international friends, or those who are based in Italy. It seems that I am keeping up with both, although definitely more with the Italian ones. I have some loyal readers abroad, especially in the US (I can guess who they are) and in the Netherlands (easy guess, too). Quite many, surely more than expected, in the UK; a bit of a disappointment from France (I know a lot of people there) and, obviously, Canada (oh Canada: why are you betraying me in this?).

I now realize how much I love to waste my time studying every detail of futile charts and trying to get pointless theories out of it. Probably a good reason is: I studied sociology.