Los Angeles Kings

by Lorenzo Piccoli

The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup 2011/2012. They are (were) considered a fairly bad team: they never won the Stanley Cup before and always ranked very low in the tournament. Even in this season at the end of the regular season they ranked only 8th in the Western Conference, that is the worst possible position to qualify for the play-offs. They succeeded to the finals mainly thanks to the incredible performance of the goalie Jonathan Quick, who won the Conn Smythe Trophy as best player of the tournament.

In a year when Canadian teams were really bad (the Vancouver Canucks, supported by virtually all my friends back in Canada, were kicked off in the first round of the play-offs by the LA Kings themselves after finishing 1st in the regular season), it is a city that is usually known for surf and basketball that eventually dominates. LA can get another important sport victory this summer if either the Dodgers or the Angels manage to win the MLB, the Major League Baseball.

American hockey remains a weird sport which I can not fully understand. You can play perfectly for the whole year during the regular season and then you have bad luck in the play-offs and you’re out. Furthermore, there is no continuity year after year and total uncertainty seems to reign. Perhaps this is what makes this sport so cool.