Notes from a small island

Some things that may happen to you too. When abroad, your debit card stop working and you have no cash at all. You randomly meet people in the hostel, go out and sing Irish and Scottish chants till the pub closes; then go to sleep and wake up 4 hours later to attend the roundtable you have been waiting for since months. You may be happy for succeeding in that, but remember to stick to the rules also the day after: because if you fail to set the alarm and wake up way too late, you may have to prepare your luggage, have breakfast, check out from the hostel and run to the other side of the city to attend the second day of the roundtable in the neat time of 5 minutes.You may also like the roundtable so much that for the first time after a long time you forget to get advantage of free refreshments because you are discussing stuff with other people. Alas, you realize that those few scholars you have been studying for years turn out to be incredibly nice and funny people, who go with you for a beer and share cracks. You may even feel you would like to be friend with them. But that’s another story.