Leaving Edinburgh

by Lorenzo Piccoli

One final note from Edinburgh before leaving. Scottish nationalism is really strong. I do not want to say it is necessarily something bad, probably it isn’t. But the thing is that Scottish flags and symbols (kilts, bagpipes…) are just everywhere. Also, in the National Museum there is a section about ‘the changing nation’ that is really powerful and inspiring and, well, worth seeing – at least for all those who are interested in how you construct and imagine a nation. It is worth remembering that politically Scotland is still part of the UK: it is not an independent nation.

Scottish nationalism also means annoying the English as much as possible. When I asked to the people which team they supported in the European Championship (Scotland did not make it to the final phase) the general answer was: “every team that plays England”. Such an attitude is also reflected in the continuous attempt to differentiate your actions from those of your neighbour. This, obviously, reminds me a little bit of the relationship between Canada and the US.