At a first sight Brighton looks like the Rimini of the UK. The Pier is both beautiful and strange: it is big, and there are plenty of youngsters with their school uniforms who take advantage of the sort of huge Luna Park built on it. The beach is actually not too bad, especially when the sun shines. This, in fact, was all I noticed when I arrived here on Wednesday morning and fell asleep on the sand.

It took a bit to realize that Brighton is actually more than that. In fact, after wandering around and talking with some students who have been living here for years, I now realize in Brighton you will find a lot of:

  1. gays
  2. gay clubs
  3. weirdos
  4. people with coloured hair, often pink or violet (sometimes this category overlaps with weirdos, or with gays, or with gay weirdos)
  5. hipsters
  6. hipster shops (literally tons of them, especially around North Street, which makes it incredibly fascinating)
  7. parks
  8. skateboarders
  9. kitsch buildings that exhibit ridiculous architectural styles
  10. seagulls
  11. people running around on drugs pretending to be horses or any kind of animal, really

At the end of the day, Brighton is weird and intriguing. I might come back here sometimes.