Challenge #1 accomplished: the Lake

by Lorenzo Piccoli

So I did it. It went surprisingly well: the weather was sunny but not too warm, I did not have cramps and I was not attacked, neither by sharks nor by pirates. These two were unlikely possibilities after all, but you never know. Some more details: I left the shore at 12.10 and landed back at 13.20, which I guess makes me a fairly strong swimmer. I never stopped, except when I arrived on the other side of the lake – I took a two minute break. So I guess one of the next challenges is surely going to be the about setting a new time record below 60 minutes.

ps: when I got back to the shore I met Giorgio and Vanessa. I didn’t know them, but they told me they always read my blog and wanted to see this performance, so I promised to mention them in this post as an exchange for their support.