Bruxelles in five small details

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Five things you do not expect from Bruxelles.

  1. Windows are huge in most of the houses here. In my studio too. Which is pretty good, because of the light you get during the day, but it makes really hard to sleep over night as there are no shutters or anything similar.
  2. Stealing bicycles is considered a national sport by many people.
  3. The food is actually pretty good (although they out way too much mayo in the chips).
  4. There are a lot of parks, which are generally well kept (except for the ponds: for some reasons, even in parks where everything else is just perfect, they look completely abandoned).
  5. In my neighbourhood there are a lot of immigrants from Northern Africa, India, Pakistan. I think I have never seen so many in any other European city except, perhaps, London.