Best of Bruxelles

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Before leaving Bruxelles, it is now time to sum up what I most enjoyed of it.

First, and all too obvious, the beer. The best commercial beers here are, in my opinion, Chimay Triple, Grimbergen Triple, Orval. Then there is the fun stuff: the comics everywhere (especially on the walls), the food cooked in the street for what I guess are neoghbourhood parties during the weekend, the mixture of languages (every morning I am waken up by my Flemish radio station). I like the people and the fact that every evening they hang out to the bars without getting as they do in the UK, for instance. Flagey, the district where I was staying is quite ok, but not epic (according to local standard it is supposed to be’ one of the best).

There are very many things I did not like here, in fact. The city seems pretty dangerous and is a total mess, from every point of view. Some people are weird, in the creepy more than in the extravagant sense. And as I mentioned already in a previous post it is impossible to shop. Still, at the end this place is ok; surely it is not among the nicest cities I have ever seen.