A tale of Australians, homosexuals, and three tents

by Lorenzo Piccoli

After spending one day at the beach I just settled in the surfbackpakers hostel of Bilbao. Danilo, the last one friend who was staying with me, just left for Italy. Yesterday and today we realized this city is full of homosexuals. One even offered us several beers and spent quite a lot of time with us. It was interesting first, then it got a bit creepy.

Interestigly enough, when we arrived at the festival 5 days ago we settled on the top of a hill, just besides three empy tents. The view was nice and to be’ honest we were hoping to find three nice girls there. Then three big and hugely drunk Australians got there – and we left. We literally changed spot, as they were exactly the kind of persons who over night can get very annoying – and snore. Now, keep in mind that they
were only three out of the 110000 people who attended the festival – more than the number of people living in my city. Now guess who are my three room-mates at the surfhostel.