Australians again, the Irishman, surf and Guggenheim

by Lorenzo Piccoli

I spent one afternoon at the Guggenheim, which is beatiful. I usually do not go crazy for modern art, but this one was great. I was amazed by Boltanski’s Humans and by the whole exhibition on David Hockney – una vision mas ampia – foto polaroid, pitture e iPad dei paesaggi Yorkshire.

Yesterday I went to the beach of Sopelana and surfed for the whole day. In the morning it was just bad, really bad, in the late afternoon it turned great.

In these days of lone travelling I met several interesting dudes. One Australian guy was so drunk that was kicked out from the hostel and taken by the police. After that I chatted till 2 with an Irishman from Belfast who used to belong to IRA. A truly fascinating person.