What makes these Olympics quite annoying so far

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Some spare notes on a few things I find really annoying in this edition of the Games:

#1 everyone here in Italy is talking about the swimmers, as they have recently been at the centre of attention mostly for gossip and their appearances on talk shows; in fact, during the last days they got huge titles and pictures on the newspaper. They got zero medals, so far.
#2 however it goes, Italian sport remains rotten for one simple reason: those who lead the Federations at the top levels have been there for more than 30 years: they waste money, they waste potential, they are a shame – link #1 link #2
#3 in spite of all the medals they got, Asian athletes are being portrayed in very negative terms by Western media, as if they complain until they change the result of the match, they even cry desperately to get a victory, and when they can they distort the matches and even when they just win, they do so surrounded by accusations of doping.