I will become what I deserve

by Lorenzo Piccoli

There were times I was psychologically crashed for several different reasons. Pain is good, though, as it is always followed by redemption. Perhaps this why I enjoy so much sports like hiking and biking on mountain passes. Whatever. No wonder, anyway, that on the long run I find much worse than these times, those periods when I am bored and unsatisfied, as it was last year when working full time. It was not about the job itself. Staying in my hometown and seeing always the very same people I grew resigned. My life, back then, was flat and, well, quite boring.

After midnight of January 1st 2012 someone I did not really know asked me what was my wish for the year. I found myself wordless and the only thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to start travelling again. That wish sounded a bit lame to me – and it still does – but after all it is coming through. In April 2012 I knew it was time for a change, and since then I travelled through several countries, meeting the most fantastic peoples and doing fun stuff. I had very few moments I was feeling done, and several others I was feeling completely at peace with myself just going with the flow. It has worked out greatly, so far.