Massive immigration flows

by Lorenzo Piccoli

I just got a message from Susanna, an old friend of mine from Dublin. She kept me updated on the life of some people we both know from our erasmus exchange – although she knows them much better than I do. Mel and Cedric got married in Nantes. Marc left Dublin where he was working and is now based in Bern. Riccardo is still in Dublin, but from September on he will be travelling between Torino, London, Paris and Switzerland for an MBA. Valentina is doing a Phd at the University of Warwick. Lucile is going to Australia for one year. Aurelle and Maxime work on the border between Germany and France. Susanna herself spent one year in Madrid and she’s now living in London.

It does not really matter whether you know the people here: it is crystal-clear that none of these have come back home. I can not assure this is all good as a development, but here’s a fact for you: the erasmus exchange programme created a generation of reckless and high-skilled immigrants eager to explore the world, or at least Europe. Get ready to cope with it.