Time weekly

by Lorenzo Piccoli

This week’s Time Magazine contains at least three interesting articles worth reading.

It begins with a piece on Catalonia’s secessionist movement, my old-time passion. Two professors I am familiar with are quoted in the article. It appears that those who thought that Catalonia’s rows with Spain had been overcome were wrong.

It continues with an article on smokers around the world, from which I learn that “Indonesian men smoke more than anyone else in the world. Nearly 70% of of all Indonesian males over age 15 light up cigarettes”. Well, well.

Finally, there is a reflection on the true story of Saturday April 15, 1989, when 96 Liverpool fans died in Sheffield, Yorkshire, while watching the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. The article sheds a light on the irresponsible behaviour of the Sun, that, incidentally, is one of the worst newspapers I have ever read.