Lorenzo & his humble friends

The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool

Who am I?

I have been asking this question to several people recently. You might think it is foolish, but after all it is a useful exercise to understand how people understand their self-perception in the world.

My answer – well, it is not my answer – used to be the following:”I am the absolute centre of the universe, the realest, most vivid and important person in existence” (David Foster Wallace – and you should know who he is). I am one of those selfish people: in fact, I belive that everything revolves around me. Think about it: it is really not about being egocentric, it is about having a very simple philosophical point of view on our hard-setting: as Wallace argued, “there is no experience you’ve had that you were not at the absolute centre of”.

Nowadays my answer would be a bit more complex than that; but still I think this remains a fascinating argument for you to think about (and if you want to get it all, read here).

Canadian soccer – and other stories

Funny story that I want to dedicate to Elaine, Federica, Franzi, Iris, Lisa, Maciej, Pernille, Suzanne, Zi-Jen. When in Canada, I played soccer in a random team that has now evolved into the Man Chest Hair City Team – where champions are born and bred. (The team still exists and last news I got from yesterday’s match is: Bad beat tonight. Huge potential though).

During one match I got what seemed a serious injury. It turned out to be a sprained ankle: still quite bad as I could not walk for a few days, but surely not as bad as I initially led everyone to think. In fact, after that match I wrote a text to the friends above and it went like this “Match won, but I am badly injured. Broken leg, probably. I might be unable to walk for the next year or so. Need your assistance“. We kind of set up an entire hospital staff in my room, with seven or eight people studying there just to keep me company as I was stuck in bed. That is still a very touching memory to me.

Anyway, last week in Spain we played a role game: everybody was given a random definition and we had to find out what we had. Guess which one I got. Then clic here to find out.