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Good night, now

At the end, the margin is bigger than expected and there are reasons to celebrate. President Obama delivered one of his best speeches, that brought many people back in the victorious electoral night of 2008. Mitt Romney delivered a very high profile speech too. Now, again, there are reasons to be worried: just to mention a couple, the victory is far narrower than the historic election of four years ago and the Democrats are not in control of the Congress. But, yeah, after all getting four more years is already an accomplishment in itself. I guess for the moment we can celebrate and go to sleep, at least four more hours.

I’m wide awake

I regret having lost my report from 2008 elections. Anyways, this time as 2008 I am still awake after changing three pubs with a couple of friends and drinking some stouts. I am following the results even though they do not look good. Even if Obama will win (and at the moment the odds seems against) the margin will be so narrow that there is not going too much to be happy on the long term. Also, according to the CNN the Democrats will not gain back the Congress. That is very sad.