Positive political waves

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Today in Italy people are voting to elect the left-wing candidate for the next political elections due in March 2013. This follows the embarassing election of the UMP candidate in France. Unlike that election, this has been a huge event, with millions of voters and a positive wave of enthusiasm.

There are important differences among the candidates, and to know the result we will probably have to wait one more week (the two candidates that will totalize more votes today will go to the second turn, that is due for Sunday, the 2nd of December). But this is already a big success. I must admit I am extremely happy with it, and with the political situation in general. Until two years ago, especially when abroad, I was quite ashamed of the political situation of my country. If I look at it today, we have a decent government and an extremely proactive left-wing. This is a huge radical change, that very few could have imagined back in 2011 when, on the verge of a dramatic economic crisis, the political situation was catastrophic. I know that I am going to change my mind at the next electoral vote. But for now, let me enjoy the moment.