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The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool


Another article I read today was a political piece by Eugenio Scalfari. The first paragraph (my translation from Italian) is not what you usually expect from a political op-ed. The subject doesn’t really matter, at the end.

He is not a saint, but a good Catholic yes, he is. He knows the precepts of the Church and knows that the saints defy the temptation to test their skills. Usually they resist the lure of the tempter who is the spirit of the earth, that is Lucifer, or whatever you call the fallen angel. Even Jesus challenged the devil retreating to the desert for forty days. But for him it was easy to defeat him: he was the son of God, or so he believed to be.

On the spotlight

Today I tried to catch up with the Economist’s Charlemagne blog, which is one of the best sources of information on European politics. Interestingly, five out of the last ten articles are about Italian politics.  I think people in Italy do not realize the huge international attention for the coming election campaign. This will be, as stated by the second-last article, “a test of the maturity and realism of Italian voters. One could feel more confident if they had not on three occasions chosen Mr Berlusconi as their leader”.

My evergreen tree of life

The use of evergreen trees, wreaths, and garlands to symbolize eternal life was a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews. Tree worship was common among the pagan Europeans and survived their conversion to Christianity in the Scandinavian customs of decorating the house and barn with evergreens at the New Year to scare away the devil and of setting up a tree for the birds during Christmastime.


Check the Encyclopedya Britannica for more details.