Animal rights and nazism

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Some people used to joke about the links between vegans and nazis. I am taking this for what it is: a joke, a bad joke if you will.

Still, as for every other joke there is some truth in it. Just to give you one (creepy) example, today I came across the twitter profile of this guy, who proclaims himself a “White Nationalist, also an atheist, animal rights activist, full-time foot fetishist, and Adolf Hitler’s #1 admirer. Heil Hitler!”. Holy shit, I though.

Mind you, I am not suggesting that all the vegans and animal rights activists are like this guy. Not at all. This is only one example and it does not mean a thing. But it seems to me that there exists some weird connection between people with dangerous right wing sympathies and the most extreme forms of practicing veganism and defending animal rights. It must be something about purity and the claim that giving rights to animals will produce a kinder, gentler society, I guess. I think this is a topic that deserves to be investigated more seriously.

On a slightly lighter tone, talking about food practices: I had several discussions on the reasons of being vegetarian. I agree with most – not with all – of the arguments brought by vegetarians, and in particular with the one related to the massive pollution that derives from mass production of meat. I am trying to reduce my consumption of meat, but I realize it is just too hard for me to become a vegetarian. Conclusion is: I admire my vegetarian friends, but I cannot resist to make fun of them from time to time.