Time for books / 5

by Lorenzo Piccoli

This Fall I have read only two books. Good books, though.

First I read Shakespeare’s The Hamlet. Luckily enough I had the original text in English with translation in Italian: some bits would have been to hard to grasp otherwise. I loved the humour and the atmosphere, but I did not go crazy for the story itself. Other Shakespeare’s plays are outstanding because of the structure of the narration. I can think of The Merchant of Venice, just to mention one. In The Hamlet other factors stand out; but the story itself is fairly plain.

I then read another British play, Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville’s Ghost. Again, the plot is nothing special, but the sense of humour and some catchphrases make it a very well worth read. In this case too I had the English text and the Italian text in front, but Italian was not necessary at the end.

In 2013 I will try to read some more books. I think in 2012 I read between 20 and 30. I will get on some great classics first: I have to go through some books from Russian literature, and there are some reads from Latin America, Argentina and Colombia in particular, I really want to finish. In Bruxelles I also bought the French version of Stendhal’s Le Rouge & Le Noir. I doubt I will be able to read it in French, but I will try.

If you do not know what to buy after Christmas, just get a book. It is always the best gift for intelligent people.