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The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool

Don’t act. Just think

The person talking in this short clip looks like an old peasant with a strong rural accent. He is Slavoj Žižek, a Slovene philosopher and cultural critic strongly influenced by Jacques Lacan, Hegel and Karl Marx. Although being very left wing, thus fundamentally different from my political ideology, he defends some brilliant ideas. He says that capitalism is a form of religion and that there is simply no alternative to it. Most of the critics of today’s capitalism feel even embarrassed when you confront them with a simple question: “Okay, we heard your story . . . protest horrible, big banks depriving us of billions, hundreds, thousands of billions of common people’s money. . . . Okay, but what do you really want? What should replace the system?”. The twentieth century alternatives to capitalism and market miserably failed. And this is a serious problem: how to abolish market without regressing again into relations of servitude and domination. In this clip, Žižek has two proposals that are extremely appealing – and, most importantly, very very practical. This is a fascinating video, I think you should watch it.

Clic here for the full transcript.

For sale

I am very sorry to hear that New York Times Co. (NYT) is formally exploring a sale of the Boston Globe, its only remaining business outside the core New York Times media brand. Boston Globe is a quality newspaper, and the main provider of stunning pictures that I regularly admire on the Big Picture section of the website. I hope that won’t change with the future ownership.

Bisogna mandarli a casa tutti

Alvise mi ha segnalato questo efficacissimo post sul movimento di Giuseppe Grillo e sulle sue pericolose affinità con altri movimenti che in passato sconquassarono la scena politica nazionale. Leggetelo tutto. Io qui riporto solo un brevissimo passaggio, che vado dicendo da tempo.

Bisogna mandarli a casa tutti. Tutti chi? Di cosa stiamo parlando realmente? Esiste una compatta e inscindibile compagine di politici cattivoni e irrimediabilmente corrotti? Sono tutti così? Sono generalizzazioni false e indiscriminate che fanno venire i brividi per la  superficialità e la violenza che contengono