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Nazi nostalgia

It appears that one in two Austrians believe Adolf Hitler’s rule had some positive aspects, according to a poll conducted by daily Der Standard.

Furthermore, 61 per cent of respondents want “a strong man” at the helm of the country, while 57 per cent think only Austrian citizens should receive state social benefits. The survey found 54 per cent of people believe if Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party stood in the forthcoming election, it would likely win much support.

Culture can save your life

A very good idea from Alain de Botton is called bibliotherapy: you can go and meet someone and talk to them about your life, and on the basis of the challenges that you are facing in a whole range of areas. The bibliotherapist will do you a reading prescription to match people to books that are important to them at that moment in their life.

Because in the modern world we don’t dare to imagine that culture has a purpose connected to changing and saving your life. We rather imagine that culture’s a really nice thing to visit on a Sunday; you go to the museum or you pick up a book. The idea that culture is literally a resource by which to live is oddly neglected.