My angel strikes again

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Yesterday I got to Bologna Central train station at 16:00. I had to get to the airport to board a flight to Bruxelles and for some reasons I was convinced I had plenty of time as boarding was scheduled for 17:30. It wasn’t: it was scheduled for 16:30. I realized I was dramatically late only when getting off the train. I then ran outside the station, smacked down a couple of old people on the stairs and caught my lifetime opportunity to do what I always wanted to do: get on a cab and shout the driver “to the airport! as fast as the light! I will pay you any prize”. In fact I didn’t: I payed him 15 euro, with a tip of about 2. Still. I realized I had a chance to get onboard when we arrived to the airport and the radio was playing ‘Highway to Hell’. I check-in, passed security and got to the gate in 15 minutes neat time. And so I departed.