All the pieces of the puzzle

by Lorenzo Piccoli

So here we are again. In January I spent all my time working on 10 Ph.D applications. So far, my applications have been quite successful and I have been offered funded positions in several universities in Europe and Canada.

At the beginning of February I was offered a traineeship at the Italian government, a traineeship at the Council of Europe, and a traineeship at ICLEI through the project Leonardo. I refused these and started a job with the Fondazione Museo Storico. I have been working with Martina and Alice, who are outstanding, to organize a big conference that will be held in May.

And since one week I am back in Bruxelles working with a scholarship at the Euregio Liason Office. I have been hosted by Roberto during these first days. Being in his palace is obviously great. His place is mre of a royal building than a house; and the flatmates – Juan, Celine, Natalie and Daan – are really cool. I had a great time with them. Now I just moved to my new flat -which is beautiful- with Mindo and, if everything goes as it should, I will stay here until the beginning of July. I will then spend two months of holidays between conferences and travels with Stefania. From September on I count on beginning my Ph.D. I will have to choose where to go by the end of April. I really like having all these commitments. I think some of my hazardous choices of the past are now paying off very well. I do consider myself extremely lucky.