An embarassing triumph

by Lorenzo Piccoli

On today’s Repubblica I found one of those very good articles about football stories. Here the original version in Italian. Below my own translation to English.

And now only Jose Mourinho can save Pep Guardiola. A joke of football, and life: just the man from whom Guardiola had fled, and that forced him to take his first sabbatical in New York and then in the German championship, is now the only one that could allow Pep a triumphant arrival at Bayern, as to how things are going in Bavaria, Guardiola’s arrival could even be superfluous. Already. With the terrifying 4-0 to Barcelona, Bayern is almost already at the final at Wembley, unless the Catalans will manage an unprecedented comeback in the return match. Ergo, Jupp Heynckes’ Bayern, who was told to prepare to pack his bags because the best coach in the world (Pep Guardiola) was about to substitute him, well that Bayern may well win it all: Bundesliga won already, and with a record speed for German history; it is in the German Cup final and a step away from the Champions League. Not bad, as a reaction of agroup – and Heynckes – to the news that in July the team will have another guide. Only now the problem emerges seriously, and if Bayern wins all, what could add to an already perfect Guardiola? How would follow the champion of Europe, knowing that even with Heynckes has reached the maximum?

German newspapers celebrate the triumph of Bayern and have not started to analyze the immediate future,
but this is still an issue which will be debated. And with Bayern that since January has started to overwhelm any opponent, it is all too clear that the figure of Guardiola savior of this country, ‘sthe ferryman to Bayern magnificent destiny is a little vanished. So it is necessary for Pep that the march of Heynckes stops. And now the only man able to do it is Jose Mourinho, with his Real Madrid opponent engaged in the semifinals of the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund looking as the only team capable of standing up to Bayern, because this year in the Bundesliga Borussia none has not been able. So it’s up to Guardiola’s hope that the Real of his enemy Mourinho manages to ge to the final and beat Bayern, with Pep returning to the role of potential deus ex machina. Otherwise, what do they call it? Only then the arrival of Guardiola would acquire meaning, because if Bayern loses at Wembley it would be the third defeat in four years (against Inter in 2010 and against Chelsea in 2012) . And then Pep could get saying ” I now teach you how to do it to win. ” In contrast, it would all look like a very awkward situation.