Get to know each other

by Lorenzo Piccoli

These two political leaders met tonight. My Belgian friends probably won’t know the guy on the right; my Italian friends probably won’t know the guy on the left.

Elio di Rupo is the prime minister of Belgium. He has all what it takes to be hated by Belgian people: he’s a socialist, he is homosexual, and he is originally Italian. As a matter of fact, his popular support is very low.

Enrico Letta is the new Italian prime minister. He was a Member of the European Parliament and one of the youngest Italian ministers when he served in the government in 1998. As a student he was a young member of the Christian Democracy, but then he moved to the left and now is deputy secretary of the Partito Democratico.

It seems that these two leaders have something in common. They are not in power because people like them but rather because of the fact that the political systems of their states are based on complex compromises and transversal alliances within the parliament; not on popular support.


The picture comes from the twitter account of Elio di Rupo.