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The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool

The right to frontiers

Frontiers have become awfully unfashionable. The Italian pacifist movement is essentially based on the motto: non muri, ma ponti. Walls are perceived to be just bad. But what if the solution to managing power is not fewer borders but more? This is the idea behind Régis Debray’s Éloge des frontières (2010), which shows that frontiers and borders are necessary “rites de passage”. Without frontiers, it is suggested on openDemocracy, there is a real risk of reverting to the reign of the old Roman deity Terminus which defied diverse identities and differentiated cultures. An old popular detto is  that Good fences make good neighbors. Unity is good, but diversity is better, some may say. Is a world without frontiers a better world, really?

Challenge #3: resurrection

Yet one another ridiculous challenge. Ten days ago I bought a little plant of basel which, of course, I was expected to water regularly. As I never did, Mindo is now saying that the plant is doomed to die painfully. I want to prove him wrong: from today I will start taking good care of her and I am sure she will get back to life. I bet in ten days she will have more leaves than she has now.