Me and my computer

by Lorenzo Piccoli

An original assessment of the disruptive nature of the success of the M5S in Italy in a paper published by the Madariaga College of Europe Foundation.

In its nature, M5 S constitutes an attack on any collective structure labeled as “dead”. The movement did not aim to bring civil society into politics, but rather individuals. The mobilisation strategy is therefore founded on “Me and my computer” rather than “Me and my comrades of class, territory or organised interest”, where the only source of knowledge is the leader’s blog and his radical messages, posing a fundamental contradiction between the advocacy for a direct form of democracy (or “liquid democracy” in the words of Grillo) and a vertical use of the media. This induced many to argue that the result is an evolution of the passive de-mobilisation on which Berlusconi built up his fortune, where internet replaced the TV firepower of the media tycoon, but keeping an extraordinarily similar definition of the enemy.