Local resistance to global austerity: it will never work

by Lorenzo Piccoli

A few weeks ago I read one article from Dr. Greg Sharzer and I am still thinking about it. Greg Sharzer is the author of No Local and an Adjunct Researcher at Gyeongsang National University in South Korea. In this article he argues that the localist form of citizenship may empower us, but it cannot confront capitalism. Against a global network of power must emerge globalised forms of struggle.

I am not sure I agree with the message of the article. I always thought that localist forms of citizenship are the most efficient and the most immediate response to the destruction that derives from global capitalism. Just to be sure, global capitalism is not entirely bad: as other phenomena it brought positive innovations, but at the same time it undeniably entails very powerful and dangerous consequences, which need to be understood, discussed, and tackled. Should we do so locally or globally?

I am puzzled. This is certainly one of the most important and fascinating debates for all those confronted with political and social problems nowadays.