Human beings at their maximum levels

by Lorenzo Piccoli

I am flying to Iceland on June 19th to guide a hike there. I will be back in France in September and seriously thinking of staying in France for at least four months, just chilling, taking a small job, to rest. I was in Iceland last summer and in Finland this winter. I have been four months in Finland doing some snow shoe guiding and learning how to guide in sled dog. It was cool but really exhausting… It broke me a little, psychology and physically speaking. It was psychologically breaking because it was tough. It would be hard to explain everything in a short message but to make it short, I didn’t really do what I came to do. The company wasn’t fair with me and my last internship could have been way better.

The other really difficult part that broke me was the loneliness of the place. Even if it was beautiful (wide spaces are magical, can’t deny it), we were in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere. Like the first town was one hour driving and the only persons i saw during four months were my colleagues and the clients. Anyhow, I don’t regret because I experienced great things: sled dogs, extreme temperature, below zero, etc. Again, I believe that if I had found a girl there, my season would have been way better like the ones guys that did so. Unfortunately for me I haven’t been lucky with that. It is really interesting to live in a isolated place. Human relationships are strong, and like it could be really positive, it can be also quickly intense and negative. Human beings at their maximum levels.

Haha but maybe it’s hard for you to understand all of this, and I must explain it to you when I come see you in Florence.