They should never have been allowed the join

by Lorenzo Piccoli

As part of the Schengen agreements, restrictions on people from Romania and Bulgaria wanting to come to the UK will be lifted from the end of the year, prompting some to fear a major influx of migrants to this country. I wrote an article about the funny side of it a few months ago – in Italian.

One of the strongest opponents of this development is UKIP’s one-man-show Nigel Farage who, in a recent session at the European Parliament – always entertaining to watch – he said: “Romania and Bulgaria, these two countries are racked with corruption and organized crime. They should never have been allowed the join the EU since early stage. … Let’s face it. We should not be in a political union with Bulgaria and Romania”.

Farage, a consistent critic of the two countries, has come under fire from the Bulgarian ambassador to Britain for using “very feeble” arguments to criticise the lifting on migrant restrictions to the UK. More recently, he has been taken on a trip to Bulgaria to discuss his ideas. The video is well worth watching.