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The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool


The weather is still awful, but I finally admit I really like Brussels. Of course, the city is doomed because of all the problems I have mentioned in previous posts, but looking back at the last three months here I recognize at the end the good things far exceed the bad ones. I refer to the random indie events, the huge parks, the three official languages, the vintage clothes, the jazz concerts, the Turkish community, the Ethiopian bars. And, hey, living in the poorest part of town is actually not bad at all.

Tanti maschi

Eppoi niente, un’altra bellissima settimana a Bruxelles con Stefania prima e tanti amici poi. E nonostante gli ultimi cinque ospiti in casa fosero tutte ragazze, in questa gallery solo maschi virili ed impegnati.