Something went wrong

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Today is the day Google Reader, a brilliant aggregator of content served by web feeds, will shut down. In March Google announced plans to shut down the RSS reader, claiming that the company wanted to focus on fewer products. This was an unexpected move. Google Reader was used by few yet devoted followers who were an elite of the web, used to cultivate their feeds and to organize contents professionally rather than merely surfing randomly on the most common websites. I am, of course, part of this elite.

I will now have to migrate my contents on an alternative feed-reading service. I have provisionally chosen Digg Reader. Among the feeds I am transferring to this new platform there is an interesting mix of blogs in English and Italian, professional and informal  kept by friends. My top feeds on Google Reader were those of: The Big Picture, Nomfup, Charlemagne, NYT op-edsThe Climate Diaries,  and (in Italian) Distanti Saluti, Claudio Giunta, Estremo Occidente, manteblog, personalitaconfusa, Francesco Palermo, Francesco Costa, Squonk, Questoblog, pontidivista,Verso un mondo nuovo, Opinioni di un clown, Sbarcati.