Who said we lived in Brussels?

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Mirano is a dodgy club just in front of our house in Brussels. Mindo and I will forever remember the unique style of Mirano clients queuing in front of the gates on Saturday nights. A few days ago I realized with astonishment that one of the few music albums I bought was recorded just there. The name of the album is, in fact, Live in Mirano – I reckon I could, in fact, have made the connection a bit earlier on time. It is one of the four albums recorded by the Belgian alternative rock band Ghinzu that I discovered in Ireland in 2009 and kept on listening since then.

Talking about nice/funny discoveries, Giulia showed me a series of 12 episodes on life in the Eurobubble which is available on YouTube.


The title pretty much speaks for itself. This is a nice farewell video to conclude my experience here in Brussels. But if I have to speak about Belgium, then there’s more. Like most of the people, I knew very few things about Belgium before I moved here. I knew they had beer, chocolate and were the home of the EU, but I certainly did not image this country is as crazy as it is. Just to say: Belgium has the highest density of roads and railroads in the world and because of the quantiy of lights, the Belgian highway system is the only man-made structure visible from the moon at night. If you are interested in this weird country, you should probably have a look at this clip Daniel showed me back in 2012.