by Lorenzo Piccoli

It just occurred to me that we are leaving our temporary homes (mine more temporarily than yours) on the same day. I realized I didn’t update you about Stockholm at all but it doesn’t matter because there is too much to tell anyway. I met so many crazy, wonderful, absurd and nice people – we should really have that beer in Prague.

Also, my friend sent me an e-mail in which she told me that ‘school’ stems from ‘skole’, a Greek word, meaning being free and having spare time, because only then you can be creative and your mind thinks of the greatest ideas. Looking back at my school career, I can say I have been running around like a madwoman: 5 years of studying, in which I earned 3 degrees, 2 certificates, studied at 4 universities, in 4 different countries, and set up 1 company. Plus all the other stuff that is not directly related to school, of course, and which is maybe more important, in the end. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward for my thesis to be done, but hell, those 5 years were a lot of fun.

Anyway, you understand, I am getting melancholic, too. Also, what I actually wanted to write is that I will try to live in a digital isolation for the next month because my thesis is going to be the Mount Everest I need to climb fully unprepared. So if you don’t hear as much from me, that’s good, if you do, tell me to shut up and write my thesis.