Touching a chord

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Andy Murray has had an air of grievance for much of his career. After loosing three grand-slam titles, last Sunday he won the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world finally defeating the burden of national British neurosis for not having won it since 1936.

It is fair to remember that Andy Murray won the 2012 Olympics tennis tournament. But that was quite different. Back then, his Scottishness did not count against him, as the crowd had come to support Murray as part of Team GB. That doesn’t apply at Wimbledon proper. When Federer reduced Murray to tears at Wimbledon in 2012, Charles Moore wrote that “the better culture won”. It was just as if the urbane Swiss had taken apart the scruffy, pigeon-toed Scot.

Now the pigeon-toed Scot finally dominated Wimbledon. His epiphany has come after years of neediness and vulnerability. While he will never be fully loved by the crowd, he has completed his strove for triumph. Lucky the sportsman who is respected rather than adored.