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Month: July, 2013

Creative suggestions: July

I thought I’d ask some creative friends some suggestions on what movies to watch. Here‘s what came out last time. In this post you’ll find six brand new ideas.

This is a movie that has only brought me incredible memories and a lot of laughs. It is funny and I am pretty sure every dane of my age knows this movie and can quote quite a few sentences from it. It is about love, finding the one and only, how to be cheated on and disappointed and not to forget about jealousy. Its about daily life and all obstacles surrounding this. It evolves subjects as adoption, heritage and prejudices mostly about blond girls – which are hilarious. It compares relationships to cars not to forget kitchens and it makes sense. I tend to watch it quit a few times annually with friends just because it makes my mood go right up in the air. Also everyone can recognize oneself or a situation in the movie at one point and thats a promise even though it can be frightening. Watch: Den Eneste Ene. (P.W.S)

Dovremmo imparare a diffidare delle persone, a proteggerci dagli altri? E proteggendoci ci evitiamo di provare dolore, sofferenza o semplicemente ci precludiamo possibilità, stati d’animo, emozioni? Film consigliato: La migliore offerta. (L.Z.)

This is an Irish movie about two best friends who fight together against Britain during the Irish fight for independence. The friends struggle continues as they continue fighting on opposing sides in the Irish civil war a year later. The movie is well worth watching perhaps a brief read on Irish history before you watch the film is advised as similar events like this did happen in Ireland back in the 1920’s. Watch: The Wind that Shakes the Barely. (J. E.)

Questa è una satira sull’assurdità delle letture integraliste dei cosiddetti testi sacri e sulla corruzione insita nelle religioni istituzionalizzate (soprattutto della religione cattolica), descritte in maniera brillante come agenzie di marketing più interessate a vendere un prodotto che ad accompagnare l’individuo in un percorso verso la “verità”. Tuttavia non è un film anti-religioso. Anche persone con una sensibilità religiosa possono trovarlo divertente. Da esso emerge infatti l’aspirazione ad una religiosità più sostanziale e meno rituale. Personalmente non ho apprezzato questo livello del messaggio perché non lo condivido. Film consigliato – forse: Dogma. (F.P.)

I’ve got some friends here in Canada who became allergic to certain types of food and I’m pretty sure it’s because of how badly food is treated mostly in North America. Also, people rely too much on pills to get their daily vitamin requirements instead of just eating a more balanced diet. So if food can damage your body, it can also make you feel better if you know what and how to eat and in some cases, cure cancer too. I find that documentary incredibly interesting because food is the main component of a great health. Watch: Food matters. (L.P.)

I’d been thinking for long to change the rules [of this post] a little as I’m not what you would call an avid movie freak. Series are more my thing. More space for a complex development of character and story. I like that. The series I would have recommended was ‘House of Cards’. An American remake of a British series with Kevin Spacey as a mischievous senator who’s willing to do anything in order to become president. His character represents everything that’s wrong with politics but by breaking the fourth wall in a strange kind of way – and against your own will – you empathise with him. You could in some way say it’s ‘Borgen’ – an acclaimed Danish political series – but with a thick layer of American sauce. More drama, more thrill, less realistic but oh so yummy. BUT! Then I thought of one of the few movies that really left an impression on me and it turns out to be a Danish movie. Yes, Danish again, the Danes are good to us if it comes to film and series (another tip: Jagten). At first the story is presented as a fight between good and evil. A neo-nazi, Adam, is sentenced to community service at a rural church. The local priest: good, neo-nazi: evil. Adam jokingly accepts he will fulfil his service by baking an apple pie. But as the film progresses other layers of the story start appearing. The – in this movie exaggerated – unconditional belief and devotion required for religion is what has always amazed and annoyed me about belief. Yet this movie showed me the other side of things in an uncanny way. By emphasizing the characteristics of belief, science, good and evil it sketches a wonderful, multi-faceted caricature of our world. Watch: Adam’s Aebler (J. H.)

Touching a chord

Andy Murray has had an air of grievance for much of his career. After loosing three grand-slam titles, last Sunday he won the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world finally defeating the burden of national British neurosis for not having won it since 1936.

It is fair to remember that Andy Murray won the 2012 Olympics tennis tournament. But that was quite different. Back then, his Scottishness did not count against him, as the crowd had come to support Murray as part of Team GB. That doesn’t apply at Wimbledon proper. When Federer reduced Murray to tears at Wimbledon in 2012, Charles Moore wrote that “the better culture won”. It was just as if the urbane Swiss had taken apart the scruffy, pigeon-toed Scot.

Now the pigeon-toed Scot finally dominated Wimbledon. His epiphany has come after years of neediness and vulnerability. While he will never be fully loved by the crowd, he has completed his strove for triumph. Lucky the sportsman who is respected rather than adored.

Warschauer Platz

Alcune note scritte di fretta dopo il mio fine settimana tedesco sulla strada tra Bruxelles e Trento.

Berlino. Di giorno ho visto molto poco: Friedrichstrasse, la Hertie School of Governance e il ristorante panoramico in cima all’Alexanderplatz Tower – gran lusso e interni posh, ma cibo mediocre. Pur frettolosamente, mi sono tornate davanti le immagini della capitale tedesca vista la scorsa estate assieme ad Iris. Piuttosto nuove, invece, e mi rimarranno impresse nella mente, le immagini notturne di Warschauer Platz, l’area appena fuori il nostro hotel. Prima d’ora difficilmente avrei potuto figurarmi uno scenario del genere. Migliaia di freak, concerti improvvisati in ogni angolo della stazione, sotto i ponti, nelle gallerie, amache per strada e musica elettronica fino alle 11 di mattina: una cosa che neppure Ciccio-Bobac e l’altro coinquilino di Giulia di cui non riuscirò mai a ricordare il nome. Raramente, forse mai prima d’ora, avevo assistito a una simile conquista degli spazi urbani.

E a corredo dei miei scarabocchi aggiungo anche un commento di critica letteraria gentilmente inviatomi da Old Tom.

A proposito di Berlino, ho appena finito di leggere “Violette di Marzo”, di Kerr, ambientato lì nel 1936. Battuta di clou di un testimone al detective privato protagonista: “Mi fa piacere vederLa quanto a Goebbels essere inculato da un ebreo”.

Spero di poter tornare a Berlino, almeno per qualche settimana, prima di sfondare i 30 anni.



Ana andata via. Sto faccendo le valigie. Nostro B n B chiuso.



It just occurred to me that we are leaving our temporary homes (mine more temporarily than yours) on the same day. I realized I didn’t update you about Stockholm at all but it doesn’t matter because there is too much to tell anyway. I met so many crazy, wonderful, absurd and nice people – we should really have that beer in Prague.

Also, my friend sent me an e-mail in which she told me that ‘school’ stems from ‘skole’, a Greek word, meaning being free and having spare time, because only then you can be creative and your mind thinks of the greatest ideas. Looking back at my school career, I can say I have been running around like a madwoman: 5 years of studying, in which I earned 3 degrees, 2 certificates, studied at 4 universities, in 4 different countries, and set up 1 company. Plus all the other stuff that is not directly related to school, of course, and which is maybe more important, in the end. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward for my thesis to be done, but hell, those 5 years were a lot of fun.

Anyway, you understand, I am getting melancholic, too. Also, what I actually wanted to write is that I will try to live in a digital isolation for the next month because my thesis is going to be the Mount Everest I need to climb fully unprepared. So if you don’t hear as much from me, that’s good, if you do, tell me to shut up and write my thesis.


Summer plans

When this post will be published I will hopefully be travelling to Berlin. I am going to be there for a few days and then I am flying back to Milan and going to be back in Trento for a couple of weeks and one wedding. On the 22nd of July I am flying to Bratislava, from where I will take a bus to the middle of nowhere-Slovakia to do volunteering work with a local NGO. That experience will take about ten days. Afterwards I will go on holidays with Stefania and we still have to figure out where. We only know we want to do something on the road. I will have to be in Florence at the end of August. See you around, my friends.


Mindo, Ana, Roberto, Giulia, Matic, Vaida, Xavier, Moe, that are those with whom I have spent the last 24 hours: I will carry your generosity with me.

Who said we lived in Brussels?

Mirano is a dodgy club just in front of our house in Brussels. Mindo and I will forever remember the unique style of Mirano clients queuing in front of the gates on Saturday nights. A few days ago I realized with astonishment that one of the few music albums I bought was recorded just there. The name of the album is, in fact, Live in Mirano – I reckon I could, in fact, have made the connection a bit earlier on time. It is one of the four albums recorded by the Belgian alternative rock band Ghinzu that I discovered in Ireland in 2009 and kept on listening since then.

Talking about nice/funny discoveries, Giulia showed me a series of 12 episodes on life in the Eurobubble which is available on YouTube.


The title pretty much speaks for itself. This is a nice farewell video to conclude my experience here in Brussels. But if I have to speak about Belgium, then there’s more. Like most of the people, I knew very few things about Belgium before I moved here. I knew they had beer, chocolate and were the home of the EU, but I certainly did not image this country is as crazy as it is. Just to say: Belgium has the highest density of roads and railroads in the world and because of the quantiy of lights, the Belgian highway system is the only man-made structure visible from the moon at night. If you are interested in this weird country, you should probably have a look at this clip Daniel showed me back in 2012.

I won’t be near

Perhaps it’s the weather or something like that, or maybe it’s about finally leaving Brussels. In these days I definitely over-think crashing in abysses of melancholy. After all this is the fourth city where I come, live, and go. I wonder if there is something I can leave behind for you, my friends, and if you will wait for when we will meet again and get some whiskey together and listen to Shimbalaiê and talk life and philosophy.

As for me, those who left me something will be on my mind as it has always been with the best people I met in Ireland, Spain, and Canada. People can live again in our thoughts and this is part of the wisdom I inherited by thomoose who, as a matter of fact, is very often with me even when he does not know. And you all, sometime you will just pop in my thoughts: even if I won’t be next to you and you know I won’t be near, I’d still be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear as someone who has had you on his mind.