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Dirty Lorenzo

Vodka, Slivovička,Borovička, Vodka,Slivovička, Borovička, Vodka, Slivovička, Borovička

It is ok for you? It is ok for me!

Mi carro me lo robaron estando de romería. Mi carro me lo robaron anoche, cuando dormía. ¿Dónde estará mi carro?

I filled about fifteen pages of notes, but what matters? There are no words to communicate to other people my brief, yet intense, volunteering experience in Slovakia.

I was there to help the community of Kamenica, just a few miles away from Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, to rebuild their ancient castle, which was originally constructed in the 13th century. I spent ten of the greatest days of my still short existence in this isolated town as a  volunteer from the Italian NGO Legambiente. I would love to tell you about the nature, the hard work, the sun, the latrines, and most of all about the human community that overwhelmed me with their passion and that is now family to me. But I cannot, just because that was too much.

I will, therefore, limit myself to uploading some pictures on this blog – today mines, in low resolution; next week those from Michal – and I will encourage you all to get part to a similar experience in the future. It will change your opinion on humanity and perhaps it will change your attitudes too, a little bit.

David, Laetitia, Tereza, Michal, Petra, Peter, Matej, Milan, Daniel, Martin, David, Tomasz, Juraj, Domink, David, Dominik, Boris, Josef, Klara, Matej, Maria, Benedikta, Marek, Voito, Maika, Bianca, Josef, Tomasz, Sara, Andre, Brano, Vlado, Martin. Dakujem, rodina.

Clean Lorenzo

Home again after ten days in Slovakia completely disconnected from the world. Good to find on my desktop the pictures of the OCEANS Annual General Meeting I attended in Berlin at the beginning of July. All these pictures are made by and belong to Enrico.