Welcome to Mount Scannon, 2800 meters on the level of the sea. Local time is 7AM and the temperature outside is 9°. On your right you can see Catinaccio, on your left Lake Carezza. We wish you a very good day.

Vediamo, tanto per cominciare qui siamo sul Latemar.

Ao, Giulia, vié qui che papà ha detto qualcosa di molto.

Sette sconosciuti, due cani e un’imprecazione nel cuore della notte. Gianluca, Manuel and I went back to the Dolomites one year later the magic night on Colle Margherita to honour the times gone by. Mindo, Fabio and Ghennet could not be with us.

In the morning it was pretty much like this. Rocks, mountains and clouds beneath us, sunrise and cold. Except for the cold, it was rather inspiring. Paraphrasing a not so-well known French author from the past I was able to write what follows the pictures.

Leaving the little shelter were we slept we were surrounded by the splendor of the virginal morning up in the Dolomites. We could stretch our arms in the cold pure air. Out on the rocks, we straddled our boots and packed our bags, getting drunk on light and space. We climbed up the top of the mountain and there we stood still, intoxicated by the beauty of just being able to breathe, just being alive .