A matter of targets

by Lorenzo Piccoli

A few days ago I was having a conversation with Fabio. My point was, essentially, that we should never limit ourselves because we think we are not capable of something.

This, of course, is a rather banal argument and not particularly original in any way. But it is worth being remembered from time to time, as I often feel that some of my acquaintances renounce to pursue what they would love to do as they do not dare to take the first step for a change in their life. Inertia is a very dangerous thing. There are, of course, many other friends who dared to do exactly what they wanted to do: Andrew, who took off to live in Egypt; Tommaso, who’s pursuing his career in London; Stefano, who left everyone to go and live in Austin; Giovanni, who stayed in Trento to follow his passions; and many others. Anyway!

In the course of my conversation I was trying to remember a quote from the last book I read, Henry Thoreau’s Walden. I usually do not like quotes: taken out of their context their original complexity is diluted, if not distorted. But this one is particularly good. I was able to find it and it goes like this: “In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, they’d better aim at something high.