Follow your heart

by Lorenzo Piccoli

I’m thinking about your recent blogposts. I am actually glad that you mentioned your friend who stayed in Trento – following your heart does not always mean going abroad. Also, sometimes there is not an opportunity. I am sometimes getting pissed off with people who want things to happen immediately and who cannot wait, or cannot do things that seem less obvious or are not directly what you want to do in order to actually achieve the things you do want to do – including myself. Personally, right now I’m very happy with a well paid interesting job in the NL, and the fact that I have money is however lame very important because sometimes a person just really needs money to survive, and doing it with something which is challenging and in your field of knowledge and interest is just superawesome. Next to this, setting high goals is not always desirable. I have big respect for people who are happy with achieving clear, solid, small goals. The daily, little things are sometimes just way more important. But I was thinking about the things we share, and some of the others you mention in your blogpost, what I believe is the difference between us and other people – without judgment: we have a vision of where we want to go, what we want to achieve, who we are and what we are capable of, in some way or another. We are constantly rethinking the paths we are taking and how this contributes to our overarching goals, vision or values in life. We keep getting inspired & want to be challenged, and are very open to change. This is a division in society in my eyes, since some people tend to be like butterflies, not conscious about their decisions or afraid to open their eyes to what they really desire, and as a result they stick to the same routine they know and they die without living life to the fullest, but they will probably never regret it since they do not know any better.