Complete suspension of rationality

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Embarking on a doctorate requires, as a colleague of mine once said, a complete suspension of rationality. Think of it: you are required to write 80–100,000 words on a single topic, spread over five years or so, allow yourself, at an age when others with similar qualifications are reaching the top of the food chain, to be subjected to an examination by a group of people whose main goal that day consists of making your life difficult, and if all goes well, you are—assuming you find a job—earning between slightly and considerably less than a taxi driver in central London. Yet every year more people start doctoral studies than the previous year, and universities have started to take their Ph.D. training considerably more seriously.

Bob Hancke ́, Intelligent Research Design – and many thanks to Tommaso who recommended me this wonderful book.

9/9, update: I just realized it was Matia who recommended me this book. He’s the kind of methodology-nerd.