Lorenzo & his humble friends

The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool

So here we are

I am sitting in the airport in Pisa and waiting for my flight to Brussels. I realize only now that I am in the exact same place as I was six months ago when I flew here from Brussels for my interview.

I am grateful, and I mean it truly, for being as happy, or even happier than I was back then. I have the rare fortune to do exacty what I like to do. But even more than that, I feel blessed for having met so many incredibile people along the way. In Belgium, Slovakia, and then here in Florence I got to know some extraordinary persons. Some are now among my dearest friends; others will soon be. I couldn’t ask anything more than this. The sun sets down and once again I take off.


Utrecht Central Station has become a war zone. It is like the survival of the fittest; the massive construction work all over the place has made people into beasts, including myself, shamelessy placing any bikes not locked onto things sticking into the ground in other, shitty spots, or more like throwing them away wherever, so your own bike can be placed in their nice spot. The world is quite fascinating once you work fulltime. The whole routine of stations and trains is a world on its own. I noticed that train people working in The Hague are quite different than train people to Amsterdam, where I had my internship the first half of this year. People working in Amsterdam are hip, cool, young, relaxed, they look healthy, wear bright colours and talk loudly. People working in The Hague look faded, exhausted, old, and grey. I think it’s because they work for the government. I already earned my reputation here. I am wearing my colored panties as much as I can, my red skirts and printed dresses, and I put on my blue mascara, so my colleagues already love me (next to being shocked). I am trying to conquer the greyness in this way.

Next time I will write you about my new theory that people do not stem from apes, they are in fact secretly related to ducks.