It really isn’t about the bike

by Lorenzo Piccoli

“Wheelmen” is available as for today, October 15th. In Italian, the title is “Il Texano dagli occhi di ghiaccio”, “The cold-eyed Texan”. It is a biography of Lance Armstrong, one of those persons who deeply fascinates me. He is a contemporary mythological character, a Nietzschan hero, a living tragedy. In his story you can find everything: brashness, arrogance, dedication, death, survival, redemption, holiness, competitiveness, glory, domination, betrayal, collapse, hell again. For many, he has been the enlightening symbol of how you can transform yourself in a global sporting icon and the living image of fight against cancer. What will remain of it, at the end, is a disturbed, amoral, cynical personality who took no prisoners to protect his devastating lifestyle.

lance armstrong, wheelmen

Armstrong’s hagiographical book “It’s Not About the Bike” was written after cancer and the first victories in the Tour. This new biography is the final tragic destruction of his public image. It really isn’t about the bike. It is about life, and what happens when enigmatic genius breaks loose from the strictures of morality.