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2014: resolutions

Go ski touring more than twice. Cook often, and do it with Stefania. Learn how to smoke the pipe. Make it to the second year of the Ph.D. Go hiking with Manuel, Mindo, Gian, and the Canadians. See Thomas. Get drunk with Thomas. Print all the pictures I always wanted to print and never did. Take yoga classes with Mariana. Brew my own beer. Re-start reading The Economist and The Time. Spend more time with Camilla and Anna. Go back to Slovakia. Spend two Summer weeks volunteering abroad with Legambiente. Learn French (decently). Visit Prague and Vilnius. Run half a marathon (10km races do not count). Ride at least 2,000 km on my bike. Take one vintage picture involving friends, food, and bicycles. Keep writing for Unimondo and the blog.

Now I can say it

My resolutions for 2013 worked out quite well. Not all of them; but most did. Happy 2014.