Hello mister, pleased to meet ya

by Lorenzo Piccoli

When I opened this blog, one of the main purposes was to keep track of the people, the places, the things. Pictures are a good way to do that. Then I realized it was getting harder and harder. Systematically sharing pictures became impossible. We now have such a proliferation of images and I receive daily feedbacks from Instagram, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter… It has become impossible to keep one tidily ordered library with all the pictures I would like to remember.

So my selection here on the blog reflects this feeling of rhapsodic disorder. It is a scattered collection of pictures that help me focusing on what happened between January and now. Not too much, honestly. There are pieces of Stefania, Anna, and friends. A lot of time in the house, maybe because I love it and I love my flatmates. And then some beautiful places blossoming in Spring between Florence and Ferrara. Summer will be more hectic, anyway.